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Stemmons Cases API

API Description
GET api/Cases/Index Test Function to check whether Cases Web Api returns successful message.
GET api/Cases/GetCaseType?user={user}&caseTypeId={caseTypeId} Get Case type of given case type id.
GET api/Cases/GetAssocDecode?assocTypeID={assocTypeID} Get Assoc Decode values by assocTypeID
GET api/Cases/GetCaseTypesToCreateByUser?user={user} Get Case type created by the user.
GET api/Cases/GetSystemConfigurationValues Get System configuration values of config.
GET api/Cases/GetSystemConfigurationValues?key={key} Get system configuration values by key from CONFIG.
GET api/Cases/GetUserInfo?userName={userName} Get user info by user name.
GET api/Cases/GetCaseList?user={user}&TenantID={TenantID}&CaseTypeID={CaseTypeID}&strCaseIDs={strCaseIDs}&CaseOwnerSAM={CaseOwnerSAM}&AssignedToSAM={AssignedToSAM}&ClosedBySAM={ClosedBySAM}&CreatedBySAM={CreatedBySAM}&PropertyID={PropertyID}&TenantCode={TenantCode}&showOpenClosedCasesType={showOpenClosedCasesType}&showPastDueDate={showPastDueDate}&SearchQuery={SearchQuery} Get case list. User parameter is required and all others are optional.
GET api/Cases/UnsubscribeFromAlert?caseTypeID={caseTypeID}&emailAddress={emailAddress}&currentUser={currentUser} Unsubscribe from alert on Case Type.
POST api/Cases/SubscribeToAlert Subscribe to alert on Case Type.
GET api/Cases/GetCaseTypeName?caseTypeID={caseTypeID} Get case type name by case type id.
GET api/Cases/GetCaseTypeValueList?userName={userName}&addFirstItemAsDummy={addFirstItemAsDummy}&getAllCreateTypes={getAllCreateTypes} Get case type name value list.
GET api/Cases/GetTypesByCaseTypeID?user={user}&caseType={caseType} Get Assoc type by case type id.
POST api/Cases/GetTypeValuesByAssocCaseTypeExternalDS Get type values by assoc case type external datasource ids.
POST api/Cases/GetExdCascadedValue Get cascaded external datasource value from API with parent child external datasource object value.
GET api/Cases/GetTypeValuesByAssocCaseType?caseTypeID={caseTypeID}&assocCaseTypeID={assocCaseTypeID}&caseTypeDesc={caseTypeDesc}&systemCode={systemCode}&isRequired={isRequired}&reLoad={reLoad}&parent={parent}&child={child} Get type values by assoc case type external datasource.
GET api/Cases/GetTypesByCaseTypeIDRaw?caseType={caseType} Get types by case type Id raw.
GET api/Cases/GetTypeValuesByParentID?selectedParentValue={selectedParentValue} Get type value by parent Id.
POST api/Cases/UploadFileToCase?caseNumber={caseNumber}&fileDescription={fileDescription}&dateTime={dateTime}&externalURI={externalURI}&addToCaseNotes={addToCaseNotes}&systemCode={systemCode}&isActive={isActive}&currentUser={currentUser} Upload file to case, After uploading file we need to call another method AddCaseNote to add file into note. (All parameters needs to be enter in URL parameters and file needs to be upload into post body parameter)
POST api/Cases/AddActivityLogtoCase Add activity log to case.
POST api/Cases/AddCaseNote Add Case notes to case. (Notes could be in HTML format)
GET api/Cases/GetCaseBasicInfo?user={user}&caseID={caseID} Method to get case basic information.
GET api/Cases/GetEmailField?CaseTypeID={CaseTypeID}&EmailAddress={EmailAddress} Get email field by case type
POST api/Cases/CreateCase Method to create case in cases web, In cases web all case type fields are dynamic and some of them are required fields, So if we do not enter require data web api will throw error for that.
POST api/Cases/CreateCaseOptimized Method to create case in cases web, changed metadata value logic when user does not have object id or decode id. In metaDataValues Key should be Assoc Type id and value should be dropdown value.
GET api/Cases/GetCaseIDByCaseTypeIDAndListID?caseTypeID={caseTypeID}&listID={listID} Method to get case id by case type id and list id.
GET api/Cases/FormatPhone?phoneNumber={phoneNumber} Format phone number.
GET api/Cases/SubscribeToCaseAlerts?caseID={caseID}&caseTypeID={caseTypeID}&emailAddress={emailAddress}&currentUser={currentUser} Subscribe to case alerts.
GET api/Cases/GetPrevousCaseAssignment?caseID={caseID} Get case assignment.
POST api/Cases/AssignCase Assign case to another user.
POST api/Cases/SendEmailAlert Send email alert to email id.
GET api/Cases/GetSubscriptions?email={email}&caseTypeID={caseTypeID}&caseID={caseID} Get subscriptions of Case type id or case id.
GET api/Cases/GetCaseNoteTypes Get All active case note types.
GET api/Cases/GetNoteTypeBySystemCode?systemCode={systemCode} Gets the note type with the given system code.
GET api/Cases/GetTypesByCaseType?caseType={caseType} Get types by case type id.
POST api/Cases/SaveCase Update case information.
POST api/Cases/SaveCaseOptimized Optimized method to update case information. Dropdown values has been changed as key should be assoc type id and value should be text value of dropdown.
GET api/Cases/AcceptCase?caseID={caseID}&newCaseOwner={newCaseOwner}&user={user} Accept case or Take ownership of case.
GET api/Cases/CloseCase?caseID={caseID}&user={user} Close case(Resolve and Exit).
GET api/Cases/ReOpenCase?caseID={caseID}&user={user} Reopen closed or resolved case.
GET api/Cases/GetOriginationCenterForUser?user={user}&showall={showall} Get origination center data for user.
GET api/Cases/GetHopperCenterByUser?userAccount={userAccount}&showall={showall} Get hopper center data for user.
GET api/Cases/GetEmployeesBySearch?name={name} Get Employee info by name.
GET api/Cases/GetUserData?name={name} Get Employee info by name.
GET api/Cases/GetCaseIDData?userName={userName}&CaseTypeAndListIDid={CaseTypeAndListIDid} Get CaseIDData
GET api/Cases/GetNotesByCaseID?caseID={caseID} Get Notes By CaseID.
GET api/Cases/GetCaseActivity?caseID={caseID} Get Case Activity
POST api/Cases/ChangeValueOfAssoc Add Case Field Vale Field Type Can be Assoc Type Id or System Code.
GET api/Cases/GetUserSecurity?user={user} Get SecurityType by User
GET api/Cases/GetCaseTypeSecurity?caseTypeID={caseTypeID}&user={user} Method to get case security by CaseTypeID
GET api/Cases/GetCaseSecurity?caseID={caseID}&user={user} Method to get case security by CaseID
GET api/Cases/GetAssocTypeSecurity?caseID={caseID}&assocType={assocType}&user={user} Method to get Assoc security by CaseID
POST api/Cases/SetSecurityForCaseType No documentation available.
POST api/Cases/SetSecurityForCase Method to set CaseID security
POST api/Cases/SetSecurityForAssoc Method to set AssocTypeID security
POST api/Cases/AddSecurityDepartment Method to Add Department security
POST api/Cases/UpdateSecurityDepartment Method to Update Department security
POST api/Cases/AddSecurityAD Method to Add Security AD
POST api/Cases/UpdateSecurityAD Method to Update AD security
GET api/Cases/GetAssocTypeCascade?caseTypeId={caseTypeId} No documentation available.
POST api/Cases/SendEmailAlertToRecipent No documentation available.