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  • Stemmons Central User Manual
    • Overview
    • Stemmons Central User Interface
    • Home
    • Cases
    • Departments
    • Entities
    • Facts
    • Standards
    • Quest
    • Cast (Central Automation System)
    • Common Language Gateway (CLG) /Common Data Resource
    • External User
    • Import Tools
    • Stemmons Web API
    • Migration Tool
    • ULS (Unified Logging System) Log Viewer
    • BlockChain-Trigger
    • Blockchain Trigger API Matrix Table
    • Custom Branding
    • Stemmons Search
    • Appendices
    • Updoc
      • Configure Entity Type for Updoc
      • Updoc Application
      • User's Document Assignments on Home Page
      • Updoc Documents in Entities
      • Updoc Files Drag Out and Copy Functionality (Available in GM 2.1)
      • Add file to an Existing Entity Item (Available in GM 2.1)
      • Force Undo Check-Out (Available in GM 2.1)
      • Include Checkout by User and Checkout Date Time (Available in GM 2.1)
      • Single File and Multiple File Attachments (Available in GM 2.1)
    • Passive Trigger
    • Stemmons Central Mobile Application Login Process
    • How to Configure SSO with a SAML 2.0 in Stemmons Cloud Authentication Handler
    • Stemmons Cloud Authentication Handler
    • Web Form to Cases
Updoc Files Drag Out and Copy Functionality (Available in GM 2.1)

Updoc is now working almost like a windows explorer. The following options are now available via the interface:
a. A document can be drag out from Updoc to Windows Explorer or Outlook mail and vice versa.
b. Ctrl+C in Updoc will allow copy the file to paste into Windows Explorer or Outlook mail.
c. Ctrl+V in Updoc will create new document.