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Case Type Owner Responsibilities

What it means to be a Case Type Owner

As a Case Type Owner identified in the Cases Origination Center, you are responsible for monitoring progress and following up on past due cases based on their due dates.

Being a Case Type Owner means actively managing the totality of activity within the Case Type. This includes being aware of overall flow, aging, number of cases past due, and so forth.

What it means to "actively manage" a Case Type varies based on the nature of the Cases in the Case type For example, urgent maintenance requests should be immediately dispatched, but longer term projects that are on hold or are awaiting a reasonable start date may be retained in a Case Type for some time.

The important thing though is that the Case Type Owner is the accountable party for the overall health of that Case Type. This person must look at all the Cases, intervene as appropriate, flag data integrity issues, and generally be the responsible party.

Some typical areas of concern for Case Type Owners:

  • Is the number of Open Cases acceptable?
  • Is the number of Past Due Cases acceptable?
  • Are the Cases missing important information, such as Due Date, Region, etc.
  • Is the aging of Cases appropriate?
  • Have Cases been sitting without being modified or viewed?
The Case Type Owner is accountable not only for reviewing and noticing these items, but also for taking appropriate action to fix these issues.