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  • Stemmons Central User Manual
    • Overview
    • Stemmons Central User Interface
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    • Facts
    • Standards
    • Quest
      • Overview
      • Quest Data Architecture
      • Quest System Configuration
      • Quest System Transaction Tables
      • Best Practices
      • Security Scenarios for Different Users in Quest Application
      • Quest Permission Management
      • Quest Job Aid
    • Cast (Central Automation System)
    • Common Language Gateway (CLG) /Common Data Resource
    • External User
    • Import Tools
    • Stemmons Web API
    • Migration Tool
    • ULS (Unified Logging System) Log Viewer
    • BlockChain-Trigger
    • Blockchain Trigger API Matrix Table
    • Custom Branding
    • Stemmons Search
    • Appendices
    • Updoc
    • Passive Trigger
    • Stemmons Central Mobile Application Login Process
    • How to Configure SSO with a SAML 2.0 in Stemmons Cloud Authentication Handler
    • Stemmons Cloud Authentication Handler
    • Web Form to Cases

Quest is a core Stemmons Central application that provides tools for surveys, inspections, checklists, and similar items. Quest is useful throughout an organization, addressing any situation with a list of questions, possible answers, scores, and resulting cases. Quest provides benefits beyond its basic scoring functionality, helping the organization maintain quality, identify opportunities for investment or intervention, and creating a system that is more easily teachable and scalable.

Use case examples of Quest: